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June 30, 2009

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On-Board the Sapphire/Diamond Princess with Infants and Toddlers!

As a parent of a 1 year old and 4 year old, I combed the internet before my cruise to get more information about bringing little ones onboard a cruise ship.  Now that I have returned from a 7 day Alaskan cruise (May 2009) on the Sapphire Princess with very young children, I thought I should share this experience with other concerned parents.  Please note that the Sapphire Princess and Diamond Princess are twin ships, and hence my experience on board the Sapphire Princess should equally apply to the Diamond Princess.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience as there is lots to do on a cruise ship with little ones and most importantly when they get tired, you can bring them down to your cabin/stateroom anytime so they can get some sleep or just rest up for a few hours.  I give cruising a two thumbs up for a young family vacation with little ones. I organized this website for parents thinking of bringing their young children on board a cruise ship (and in particular the Sapphire/Diamond Princess) focusing on issues such as getting to the cruise ship regarding the use of car seats, which Stateroom/Cabin to select, types of On-board Activities for kids, and safety issues to consider.

Getting To The Cruise Ship (Child Car Seats and Strollers)
One of the biggest problems bringing babies, infants, and toddlers to a cruise ship is the need of car seats to get them from the airport to the seaport. Quite simply put, the vast majority of ground taxis and shuttle buses do not have child seats available...
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Alaska is relatively cold in May (about 46F~54F or 8C~12C) on board the ship and hence you won't have much opportunity to enjoy the outdoor deck other than to take pictures and soak up the beautiful scenery.  For this reason, a balcony room doesn't offer much value ...
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On-Board Activities
Like other cruise ships, the Sapphire Princess is really designed for adults and older children.  There isn't many dedicated children activities for children 2 years and younger, but that doesn't mean it's boring for them.  For children 3 years and older, there is a children's program called Princess Pelican which is like an on-board daycare where you can drop them off and pick them up for lunch and dinner.  More....
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Kid Safety
Some concerns I had before going was how easily can an infant/toddler fall overboard? What happens in an emergency? How kid proof are the cabins/staterooms?, and is it easy for them to get lost on board?  Well here are your answers to these parental concerns.....
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Stroller Friendliness
Getting around on the ship and at Alaskan ports is easy with a stroller.  The entire ship is designed handicap friendly meaning there are ramps and elevators everywhere.  There are also lots of indoor and outdoor deck room to stroll the kids so if your infant/toddler can only sleep in a moving stroller, there won't be a shortage of space for you to do so.....
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